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Zahra is a vibrant creative born in the beautiful county of Warwickshire. She uses Arabic Calligraphy in her own bold and distinctive style to spread positive energy into people’s surroundings. Along with her striking use of colours, she focuses around quotes that uplift and inspire. Her work, much like her personality, oozes charm, optimism and a sense of cheerfulness. 

After her work was discovered on Instagram, Zahra caught the attention of magazines around the Middle East who featured her work. Since then she has collaborated on many projects, including limited edition handbags, greeting cards, notebooks and signature furniture pieces. She has seven specially commissioned pieces of art on permanent display at a high end luxury hotel in Downtown Dubai.

Art has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember.  She draws inspiration from her father, a plastic surgeon, who would sketch out her facial features to reconstruct on burn victims. Other artistic influences include ElSeed for his focus on the Arabic lettering, Yayoi Kasuma for her innovative style and Andy Warhol for his Pop Art portraits which inspired Zahra’s bold use of colour. 

By combining traditional Arabic calligraphy with modern and contemporary art, Zahra has grasped the attention of people around the globe. Her first auction caused a stir within the local art community. The next three exhibitions resulted in 85% sales of all total pieces. Zahra continues to gain recognition as she transitions from acrylics into the world of digital art. In addition to bringing vibrancy and culture into people’s homes, Zahra hopes to show the world the beauty of the Arabic language through her passion. 

Zahra continues to accept work on a commissioned basis. Feel free to contact her in the form below!